Top Five Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results

In the world of coach or instructor-led fitness classes, there are a multitude of brands and program offerings, including CrossFit, Orange Theory, Barry’s Bootcamp, F45, CycleBar, and Barre. Each program offers unique experiences and benefits, yet, the over-aching theme of all these programs is getting people to move in a high-energy, motivating environment. Obviously, I am biased toward CrossFit, and believe it is the most effective means of improving general health and fitness, as well as moving people closer toward their personal goals; yet even in CrossFit, similar to all the other programs listed above, there are people whom are not seeing results.

Although there are outliers and exceptions, most folks who are not seeing results fall into one of the following five categories. Whether they are willing to admit it or not, coaches and instructors will agree, and it is likely that they haven’t verbally expressed this to their members/clients. These are the things that your coach, trainer, or instructor want to tell you, but they are either too kind, timid, or afraid. Most folks do not take constructive feedback well, so it makes sense as to why your coach/trainer is not willing to be real, upfront, and honest with you. Yet, sometimes, that is exactly what is needed to move forward and ultimately achieve your health and fitness goals.

The Five Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results in the Gym:

  1. “You Eat Like An A$$ho!#”
    – Jason and Roz Ackerman, Own Your Eating
  2. Your Mindset Sucks
  3. You Haven’t Prioritized Your Health
  4. You Never Challenge Yourself
  5. You Value the Experience more than the Workout

I know, that sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. Ask yourself the following questions, and be honest in your answers:

  • What do you eat on a daily basis?
  • Do you consider yourself a positive, motivated, and driven individual?
  • Do you exercise daily?
  • When is the last time you loaded 10-20 additional pounds on the bar, grabbed heavier dumbbells, kept moving on burpees, or ran faster than you wanted?
  • Do you need the perfect air temperature, song, and position in the room to have a great workout?

Few people who walk through the door are not guilty of at at least one, if not all five of these accusations. These are all things you can control, so there are no excuses. Yes, we all have obligations outside of the gym: families, relationships, hobbies, etc, but that’s just life. If you truly want to live a more active, balanced, healthier life, you need to prioritize your health and fitness. You need to make a conscious, dedicated effort to eat better, train harder, and embrace the process. There is no easy way out; you have got to be willing to work! It’s that simple.

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