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My name is Derrick Ball. I am from DuBois, PA: a small, rural, blue collar community in central Pennsylvania. My parents, Robert and Kelly Ball, perfected the art of parenting. They instilled in me the values of faith, family, integrity, humility, and selflessness. My Dad reinforced the tenants of discipline, respect, work ethic, and resilience, while my Mom simultaneously cultivated an environment that promoted love, empathy, compassion, and self esteem. My parents exemplify what it means to be mentors and role models. They relentlessly encourage and challenge my sisters (Alexa and Rachel) and I to lean into the Lord, pursue our passions, follow our hearts, and speak our truths.

This blog is a representation and reflection of my passions, pursuits, and roles in life. First and foremost, I am a Christian; “Jesus is the subject.” Aside from being a follower of Christ, I am a son, brother, grandson, and friend…in that order. My passion is coaching. My pursuit is excellence. My purpose: to build relationships, instill self esteem, and enhance fitness so that people can lead more active, balanced lives.



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