CrossFit and the Female Physique

What is the definition of beauty? Is beauty merely an aesthetic, or is it possible that beauty is an all-encompassing term rooted not only in physical appearance, but also self-esteem, confidence, and fitness? I believe that beauty is subjective to perspective. The stigma that women are petite and fragile beings is fading. Women are no... Continue Reading →

Fiction in Fitness: Not All Calories are Created Equal – The Truth Behind Energy Balance

In the CrossFit Level 1 Training Guide, Greg Glassman introduced “The Theoretical Hierarchy of the Development of an Athlete.” Nutrition is the foundation of the Hierarchy, then it progresses to metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weightlifting and throwing, and finally sport.   If nutrition is the foundation of health, fitness, and athletic performance, it is essential that as... Continue Reading →

Progressions Enable Progress

Regardless the population (children, general, tactical, athletes, or adaptive), every human should have capacity to safely, effectively, and efficiently perform basic, functional (i.e., compound, multi-joint) exercises. Proficiency and mastery of the basics (e.g., running, jumping, squatting, deadlifting, pressing, etc.) enables greater and more applicable expressions of functionality, fitness, and athleticism. Therefore, it is essential that... Continue Reading →

Passion, Perseverance, Patience

What are you most passionate about? Are you willing to fail, to overcome obstacles, and break down barriers in pursuit of that passion? Most importantly, are you willing to wait? Do you have the patience to work day in and day out for six months, eight months, a year, or even five years, in order... Continue Reading →

The Art of Coaching: A Process That Requires Patience

There is an epidemic crippling the fitness industry. Graduates from Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Health and Fitness, and Sport Performance programs are entering assistantships, internships, and full-time positions with practically zero hands-on coaching experience. These individuals can walk you through the Sliding Filament Theory, Excitation Contraction Coupling, and Kreb’s Cycle, recite the ACSM’s risk factors for... Continue Reading →

Training: More than Following the Program

“In training, you listen to your body. In competition you tell your body to shut up.” — Rich Froning, Four-time CrossFit Games Champion The alarm went off at 3:45am. Regardless of the reason, beginning the day while there is still a three on the clock is difficult. On this particular morning, it was even more of a... Continue Reading →

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