CrossFit and the Female Physique

What is the definition of beauty? Is beauty merely an aesthetic, or is it possible that beauty is an all-encompassing term rooted not only in physical appearance, but also self-esteem, confidence, and fitness? I believe that beauty is subjective to perspective. The stigma that women are petite and fragile beings is fading. Women are no... Continue Reading →

Passion, Perseverance, Patience

What are you most passionate about? Are you willing to fail, to overcome obstacles, and break down barriers in pursuit of that passion? Most importantly, are you willing to wait? Do you have the patience to work day in and day out for six months, eight months, a year, or even five years, in order... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Why?

“You need to have a why for what you do!” - Eric Thomas What drives you? What are your motivations? What is it that gets you out of bed every morning? Motivation may be defined as the reason(s) that generate specific actions and/or behaviors. Motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic in nature. Intrinsic motivation refers to... Continue Reading →

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